AVS v7.0 – PHP在线视频上传分享程序

AVS v7.0 - PHP在线视频上传分享程序

AVS在线视频上传分享脚本是一个老牌的国外视频CMS,您可以使用该源码创建在线视频,照片,游戏网站。 用户可以上传自己的视频、照片以及flash游戏,程序有多语言支持,还有很多很多功能,这里的简介都不方便说。经常逛国外视频站的应该对这个程序或者说界面熟悉的很呢,这次发布的版本是官网最新的7,但通过reishi的测试,似乎只能在php5.6下会上传和视频转码。


users can upload videos (more than 20 formats available)
upload progress bar for video uploads
users can view video live (live streaming)
users can comment on videos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
users can flag videos (via ajax)
users can rate videos (via ajax)
users can embed videos
users can share videos (via ajax)
users can view related videos (via ajax)
videos page sorted by timeline, category and type (private/public)
后台 (Administration Panel)
grab videos from 8 major porn sites
manage videos (delete/approve/suspend/feature/unfeature/edit)
manage video comments
manage spam and flagged videos

users can upload photos and organize photos in photo albums (jpg, gif and png)
users can comment on photos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
users can flag photos (via ajax)
users can rate photos (via ajax)
users can share photos (via ajax)
users can view photo album slideshows
Backend (Administration Panel)
manage photos and albums (delete/approve/suspend)
manage photo comments
manage spam and flagged photos
users can upload porn games (swf extension)
users can play porn games
users can comment games
users can rate games
users can share games
Backend (Administration Panel)
manage games (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
manage game comments
manage spam and flagged games
users can create blogs
users can embed photos and videos on their blog (via ajax)
users can comment blogs (via ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
manage blogs (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
manage blog comments
community page
users have their personal profile page
users can configure what to be listed on their profile page
users can configure what emails to receive
users can invite friends (via ajax)
users can comment on other users profile (via ajax)
users can send messages to other users
users can report other users (via ajax)
users can subscribe to other users
users can edit their profile
users can upload and crop a avatar
users can easily approve/reject friends
users can monitor other users actions (when they upload videos/photos/games/blogs)
user wall
users ordered by gender
Backend (Administration Panel)
manage users (add/delete/suspend/edit)
email users (or mass email)
显示/隐藏文本 advanced search (users can customize the search results) (via ajax)
users can search videos, photos, games and other users
显示/隐藏文本 admins can create a blog / news / announcements section on the website
user can comment on the admin blog / news / announcements
admin can receive emails from visitors through the support / feedback page
category page
for each category, a category cover image can be displayed, or its latest videos (ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
manage categories (add/delete/edit)
显示/隐藏文本 over 20 advertising spots throughout the website
rotating ads (advertising groups)
pre/post roll video/image/flash ads in the video player
text ads in video player during playback (at the bottom)
显示/隐藏文本 ability to control every aspect of the site
configure mail settings (php mail, sendmail or smtp server)
configure video conversion settings (for SD, HD and mobile)
edit static pages (preview via ajax)
edit email templates
configure video player
limit guest visitors bandwidth / access
system check (check folder permissions and required codecs)
media settings (configure maximum upload size allowed and video formats allowed)
enable/disable photo galleries, games and blogs modules
enable/disable email verification
enable/disable video, games, photo, user comments
select rating by ip or by user
select sessions driver (database/files)
显示/隐藏文本optimized database structure and queries for a super-fast website
clean code (can be easily customized)
secure code (input filtering)
search engine friendly URLs (SEO)
video conversion / encoding done in background processes
smarty template engine with easy template switch from admin panel
multi-language system with language files
spam protection (recaptcha / keycaptcha / areyouhuman integrations, comment anti-flood protection)

Any Linux OS
Apache or NGINX Web Servers
Support for AcceptPathInfo
Support for MultiViews (or mod_rewrite which is slower)
MySQL 5.x
Recommended configuration:
interactive_timeout = 1000
connect_timeout = 1000
wait_timeout = 1000
PHP 5.x and 7.x (mod_php/CGI)
Support for GD2 Library
Support for MySQL
Support for Curl
Support for uploadprogress PHP extension (only if you want to display a progress bar on uploads)
Recommended PHP Configuration
safe_mode off
open_basedir off
max_execution_time 7200
max_input_time 7200
memory_limit (with 1MB more then the maximum video upload size)
post_max_size (maximum video upload size)
upload_max_size (maximum video upload size)
exec() should be allowed
PHP CLI 5.x (see above + register_argc_argv ON)
FFmpeg (recommended version 3.0+)

completely recoded for PHP 7 compatibility
smarty engine upgraded to latest version (3.0)
mySQLi extension (MySQL Improved) implemented


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